Looking at your product line and not sure what to pitch to a blogger or writer or send as a sample. Here are a few trends to get you moving!

2014 Holiday Gift TrendsCustomized and Personalized
More than Monograms – it’s all about interesting ways to make it all about the recipient. Local pride is big this year… big.

Plaids, woodland creatures, trees, men with beards. Think life in the forest.

In a lot of ways, Retro/MidCentury might always be in, but as of approximately yesterday, everyone is talking 90’s. Think Friends. Think Sunflower Hats and Grunge Wear. Think not too long ago. It’s nostalgia all of a sudden.

Circles, Triangles, Diamonds. Often in silhouette or outline form.

Have a kit? Thinking of putting a few of your products together to make a kit? Gift boxes will always be with us… but right now it’s all about the DIY boxes.

Download the list, print it, and keep it handy… 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Trends

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