This week, the newsletter was about … About Pages.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this topic:

In my newsletter, I explained that About Pages need to be About YOU. You can have another page with your mission statement, another page describing your products, another page with your prices. This is the place to talk about you.


Because, as people, we like to make connections. When I get to know the person behind the brand, I trust them and what they are selling. An About Page is a powerful branding tool – even when it doesn’t seem that you are branding.


You connect with your readers, by telling us YOUR story. Let’s look at some examples.

#1 – In 1997, I awoke from a dream and knew what I needed to do. The world was missing a rocket-powered jetpack. It was time to bring the world this revolutionary transportation device. Since then, I have worked day and night to bring this dream to a reality.

#2 – Since I could toddle to the garage, I’ve always loved using my hands to create new inventions. My mother was suspicious of my first creation – an engine powered wagon, but always encouraged me. Now with an engineering degree from the University of Rockets, I continue to tinker in my workshop in Jetly, with my wife Sarah and golden retriever peeking in.

Which one endears you to the writer? The first one is a great story – but it’s a company background. The second one tells us about the person. We get a few hooks to connect – school and dog owner. We get to know his heart for inventions and engineering.

Let’s look at another set:

#1- I’m a mompreneur – proud mommy to little boys. Zack is two and George is one. They are my inspiration. Running around after them, inspired me to create MommyShoes. I’ve been married to my prince charming, Larry, for six years.

#2- Running is breathing to me. It gives me fuel for the day and clarity for my mind. I’ve run five marathons – including the New York City Marathon. In college, I ran track at the University of Sprints. Today, I run MommyShoes out of my home – and run after my boys – Zack, George and Larry the husband.

Too many entrepreneurs choose the first style. “Take the focus off me, and put it on those I love.” Avoid this technique. It’s boring. We want to know about YOU. Tell us what makes you tick. Tell us why you love what you love.

Notice also, the branding in the second paragraph. I want your shoes because I want that clarity and focus. But you didn’t tell me that upfront. I inferred it, through the connection we are building. Let me get to know you, get in your head and see your vision through YOUR eyes.

If you need help with your About Page or have more questions, drop me a line below.

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