As you are writing your tagline, here is a blueprint from some of the best.

1) Keep it Short and Simple! – 3-6 words.

2) Specific Instructions – What should your customers do?

3) Double Meaning – If you can play on the practical and the emotional, you’ll hit a nerve. In a good way.

4) Speak Directly. – Use “you” or a direct command.

5) Big Promises. – Now is the time to toot your own horn.

6) Know Your Customer – Taglines are used externally. It’s important to know what makes them move.

7) Appeal to Emotion. – It’s the sticky part of the tagline. It keeps the tagline in minds.

8 ) Grounded in Context. – While you are being emotional, remember to speak directly to what you offer. Otherwise it’s just fluff.

What’s your favorite tagline?