Howdy Pardner! This week, we are talking about keeping your message straight. Especially in branding. You know branding… your marketing messages. Your logo. Your product tags. Your marketing pieces. Your website.

And your words.

Yes, your words are a critical part of your branding.

And when you think branding, do you think about it’s etymology? Those dusty old cowboys with their iron sticks with logos on the end. They get em hot and burn em into the leathery hide of their cattle. It makes an impact.

And they do this again and again on the sides of all their products bovine. When you go sifting through a sea of cattle (for whatever reason), you know immediately which one’s belong to Carl the Cowboy and which ones belong to Rick the Ranger.

Your words should be equally branded.

1) Keep em hot! Don’t use overused, stale, vague words. They need to be strong enough to leave an impact.

2) Use em everywhere. Brand them onto everything! When I think of you, I should immediately think of your logo and your message, via the words you have chosen!

Note: My little Country Western voice today will be short-lived.
Thank you for stickin' with me! Happy Trails!

Worried you’re going to sound boring? Are you concerned that your words will start to lose impact with overuse? Stay tuned tomorrow for some insight!

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