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What is Copywriting? | Back to the Basics

I talk a lot about avoiding jargon and overused words in your copywriting. And then I realize you may not know my own jargon… Such as copywriting. Do you know what you’re getting or what you’re asking for when you hire a copywriter? Do you know what copy is? Too often our minds form it’s […]

Oxford Comma | Pro or Con | Grammar Nerd

Let’s have a little fun, shall we? If you’re tired of the political ads, the talking heads, the rhetoric… let’s talk about something that matters everyday. Grammar. Specifically, punctuation. That’s right, let’s talk commas. Now, I’m a big fan of commas and when I get to editing your work, you are going to notice I […]

Who vs. Whom | Word Nerd

I’m not exactly a grammar geek {as I think some grammar rules are made to be broken,} but I am a word nerd and Who/Whom are distinct words. {My Latin prof would be so proud.} Here’s the deal with Who/Whom: In English, we focus on word order. The way the words arrive in the sentence […]