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Bio, My Bio | Outsource It Friday

“It’s so hard to write about yourself!” Have you ever lamented over this? Every website template, every application, every interview includes that dreaded “Tell me a little about yourself” that makes your mind go as blank as the Word document in from of you! Outsource it! Bios/About pages are my most often requested project – […]

Who’s writing for your whos? | Outsource It Friday

Now is a great time to consider outsourcing your marketing projects. When you are close to your products and services, it can be hard to break away from your standard promotions, but during the holiday season, thinking outside the gift wrapping box, so to speak, can set you apart.

How Hiring a Writer Sets You Apart | Shed the Chameleon

This week’s topic has been standing out from the crowd – being different – setting yourself apart from your competition. In the video on Wednesday, I encouraged you to remove all the same words and cliches that your competitors use. In the newsletter, we talked about how to know that your writing is truly standing […]