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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a PR Campaign

- How much inventory do I have in stock? – How much inventory do I want to be selling? – How much time will I need to create that much inventory? – Who has featured other businesses like mine? – Who covers stories offering tips and insight into my industry? – Whose readers would be […]

PR Services: To Post or Not To Post

As you’ve started to research media outlets an PR, you’ve likely stumbled upon these websites that allow you to post your press release and promise you the world as far as exposure. I recently had a client ask me what I think of these websites and my answer was two-fold … and frankly, I thought […]

PR Concierge

You know you need to start making connections and getting the word out. But who has time? I do. Let’s get you back to creating and selling. I’ll focus on those pesky PR tasks you know you’re supposed to do, but just can’t. — Each month, I will send you a quick form. It should take […]

Creative Branding | Share Your Story | Paper MiniSkirt

I love working with clients that have more than an idea – they have a vision for a new or better way of doing things. They don’t just create to make a little cash, they create because they truly believe in something. It often involves a fresh perspective or new outlook, which means we get […]

Female Entrepreneurs, You Don’t Need All That Innuendo

One thing I love about language is the flexible power of words. In different contexts and in different orders, words can take on drastically different meanings. Throw them into a completely unexpected environment and you can achieve intrigue, interest, and excitement. Innuendo does just that. It allows you to tumble into different situations with a […]

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