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What does it mean to “pitch”? | Defining Jargon

A phrase I use a lot is “to pitch a product or service,” especially when I am talking about media relationships! “Pitching” is introducing your product or service to a person who you want to fall in love with your brand. It might be an editor looking for tips on trends, a reporter looking for […]

Easy Steps to Being Featured in Gift Guides

Gift Guides are the Low-Hanging fruit of Small Business media relations. If you are just starting to think about pitching to magazines, blogs, news outlets, and newspapers, this is the easiest way to do it! This season, more than every, journalists, reporters, and bloggers NEED content and they need a lot of it, in a […]

2014 Holiday Trends to Remember When Pitching Gift Ideas

Looking at your product line and not sure what to pitch to a blogger or writer or send as a sample. Here are a few trends to get you moving! … Customized and Personalized More than Monograms – it’s all about interesting ways to make it all about the recipient. Local pride is big this […]

ABC’s of Getting in Gift Guides

You know that moment when you realize you don’t have a gift for your mom, or boss, or pet sitter? That moment when you head to the internet and look for gift ideas? Where does Google take you? Probably to a gift guide or two! How do you ensure that you’re on those lists? Here […]

Bad Ideas when Naming a Product, Company, or Service

Did you know that product and company naming is something I do… scratch that, Love to do? Such projects are a linguistic and entrepreneurial match made in heaven. {Or in my lexicon.} So I tend to pay attention to what people are naming things and here are a few red flags that fly high when […]

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