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ABC’s of Getting in Gift Guides

You know that moment when you realize you don’t have a gift for your mom, or boss, or pet sitter? That moment when you head to the internet and look for gift ideas? Where does Google take you? Probably to a gift guide or two! How do you ensure that you’re on those lists? Here […]

What Small Businesses Can Learn from Large Airlines

More than just about anything, customer loyalty and return business is the key taking your small business to the next level. Those two things build consistency, focus, income streams, and word of mouth marketing. And if it’s true for small business, it has to be true for big business too, right? (Or at least these […]

Treating Every Client Like Royalty

In a matter of minutes… hours… this post will be a bit outdated. I’ll updated it then… But for now, the Princess is in labor and social media is abuzz. I’m seeing a lot of “If Only” posts and dream collages about what an entrepreneur would send them if they could and what it would […]

Christmas in July | Preparing for Holiday Sales in the Summer

I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and posts about shops on vacation and low sales. Sometimes these are pragmatic updates, sometimes they are dripping with frustration. When you are selling to consumers, especially online, it’s emotionally and practically vital to remember that summer is a downtime for sales. People aren’t spending a lot of […]

Promise, Then OverDeliver

A mantra that every entrepreneur, small business owner, leader, nonprofit professional should be repeating over and over and over again. I originally named this post “Under Promise, Over Deliver,” but then I realized that implies something that wasn’t the goal. We certainly don’t want to plan to Under Promise. That would be fundamentally irresponsible if […]

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