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What to Avoid in Your Media Kit

Yes, you want your contact to know as much about your brand as possible. You want them to fall in love with all the struggles and idiosyncrasies your company has developed along the way. You want them to “get it.” However, every editor, or advertising exec, or brand manager, or any other reader is as […]

Why Writing Product Descriptions is Like Spending the Day with a Toddler

Toddlers and preschoolers are some of my favorite people – right now and in general. And writing product descriptions is kind of like being with them all day. Not because it gives you a headache, or makes you want to scream… although those might be true for you in either case. No, writing product descriptions […]

How to Know if You’re Using “Whom” Properly or Pretentiously

As a linguist I pride myself on being more concerned about why people use language than whether they are using “proper” language. We like to say “We’re descriptionists, not prescriptionists.” And it’s true. We describe, not prescribe. But I have a hidden pet peeve and it’s surrounding the word “whom.” Most linguists and language documentarians […]

Daily Reasons to Write … and a Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that Pushing♥Papers and I are launching a new resource just for you… to remind you to pick up your pen or head to your keyboard every day! It can be hard to know what to blog about or to find a unique social media post that will get people clicking. Daily […]

5 Reasons You Should Send a Survey to Your Customers

Trying to decide how to market yourself this coming fall and winter? Want to stand out? A survey, sent to your customers and brand ambassadors, can make that process positively obvious and easy. Here’s why… 1) Your customers know your customers, because they are them. (Tweet it!) They are keenly aware of the pain points […]

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