Christmas in July

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I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets and posts about shops on vacation and low sales. Sometimes these are pragmatic updates, sometimes they are dripping with frustration. When you are selling to consumers, especially online, it’s emotionally and practically vital to remember that summer is a downtime for sales. People aren’t spending a lot of time online because they are outside, they are on vacation, or they are just ignoring the digital pings. They aren’t shopping much either. There is the occasional gift here and there, but summer is the time to pick something up while you are out, or even while you are traveling to new or unique town. If you have a boutique or a touristy type store, take advantage.

But if you have an online shop and you see a steep decline in sales during those hot summer days, don’t despair, prepare. Now is the time to create a strategy for the holiday push.

1) Bulk up on your best sellers. Do you often run out of a certain product? Fill your inventory now!

2) Decide on your signature piece. What are you going to launch or introduce this year?  Choose your item, and lay out a timeline for launching.

3) Choose your points of entry. Many sales experts recommend a three-tiered approach. An extravagant option, a mid-level option, and an impulse-buy option. What are your three (or more) levels going to be? Start creating those packages now.

4) Decide how you’re going to market. Don’t wait for it to become a last minute nag. Create a timeline for newsletters, press releases, and more.

Are your sales slow right now? How are you taking advantage of the down time?

Preparing for sales now will not only keep your mind off the slow times now, but will also give you some space in your schedule during the holidays when you would rather enjoy the season yourself. Don’t despair, prepare.
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