It’s time to think past the standard holiday gift guides. They have their place and are certainly useful. {We should talk about how you should create them and how you should participate.} But when it comes to holiday content – on your blog or even social media platforms like Instagram – there are so many other ideas that will attract your ideal customers and educate your audience – keeping them engaged with your brand, encouraging them to share with friends, and reminding them to come back and buy.

The key to creating this kind of content is to consider what your customers are worried about, dealing with, finding difficult or confusing. Ask yourself: “What do my customers WANT this holiday season?”

Quick answer: it’s not exactly your product or service.

What they want, truly want, is more emotional and imaginative. They want a peaceful holiday without too many stresses and chores. They want a break. They want to see smiles on the faces of their loved ones. They want to relive happy times. They want to create happy memories. They want to host family and friends with unique and innovative parties and themes. They want the envy or admiration of others. Don’t we all?

How does your product or service help them attain those goals? What kind of solutions can you write about or share that will help them?

Solutions might include recipes, formulas, to-do lists, reminders, checklists, calendars, innovative tips and advice from experts.
You can present these in live or uploaded videos; podcasts or audio deliverables; printables, worksheets, infographs or PDFs.
The easiest way to share your solution is on a blog post or social media posts.
Deeply-invested-in solutions might include apps, customizable or interactive options, courses or classes, livestreams and Q&As.

Of course, the purpose of all of this – ultimately – is sales. So make sure you authentically and organically include your own products or services in your information. And include links. It doesn’t have to be a blatant ad, but just a reminder of who you are and what you sell. And how it can help.

I’d love to hear what kind of content you are creating for your customers this holiday seasons. Drop me a line and let’s hear about it!