It’s time to get your name out there… ads on blogs are such a great way to get eyeballs on your stuff, but how do you know if this opportunity is for you? Three things to consider:

Relationships. The more of a natural relationship you have with the blogger, the better. You don’t need to know the person or blog initially, but look for authenticity. Your brands should complement each other. Otherwise, it’s just an ad… and your chances of seeing a lot of clicks to your site will be low.

ROI. Make sure they have enough followers so you will make your money back. It’s easy to think “Well at least I will get some clicks…” But will you gain enough? Remember the old sales division – a portion of those who see your ad or sponsorship post will click through, a portion of those will actually buy. Make sure the net gain of how much you make is at least how much you paid – preferably more.

Engagement. The best blogger opportunities are ones that encourage engagement with your brand. More than just an ad or link. Sometimes this is asking people to leave a comment about your brand. Or following you on social media. Usually this is through a giveaway. Give it some legs so you’ll see the ROI follow into the days after the post.

Hope this helps! Drop me a line if you need to talk more about PR and Marketing!

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