GoodBye Is1If I had a fabulous video production team, this would be the part where you watched us sing our version of “Ain’t no lie, baby bye, bye, bye…” and show off our best boy band moves.
But I don’t. And I can’t dance.
So you’ll have to sing it for yourself.

Ready for a quick update to your product descriptions? Ditch all the first-person pronouns!Yep! It’s time to say goodbye to all the I’s! Even if you were the top A-list celebrity, your customers want to think about THEIR experiences with your product, rather than yours. They want to imagine themselves interacting with it. They want to see their own smile. So as an exercise, try to ditch the I’s. and the me’s. and the we’s.

Some quick examples:
“I created these…” – “These were made with…”
“My hope is…” – “May you…”
“It’s displayed in my…” – “Would look great on a…”

Note, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Writing naturally and personally is important. But if you have been yawning over your posts lately, this is a simple exercise to stretch them out a bit.

Note, also, this will require you to use passive voice – a sentence structure I defend on the basis of necessity, but if you are morally and grammatically opposed, I understand.