Over the past months, I’ve worked with a number of organizations and entrepreneurs with similar business models – photographers, designers, etc. In theory, many could have the same pitch. “I take pictures,” “I make stuff,” “I sell food.”


Not only is that boring… It’s not true. Within five minutes of talking to any of these clients, their unique angle jumps out! Let’s consider the photographers specifically. They don’t just take pictures- they capture memories, create snapshots of connections, or bring love to life. Every photographer I’ve talked to has a very specific reason for starting their business… Different from the rest.

But they, and most other entrepreneurs, don’t see that. “My story is just like everyone else’s.” “It’s boring.” “I’m not too exciting” – I hear over and over again.

This week, we are going to talk about differentiating yourself in your marketing, but first the fun part. Think of yourself as a chameleon crawling around the branches of business. It’s time to choose your own color. No more fading into the background. No more matching the surroundings. Choose today what kind of you you are going to be!

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