Gift Guides are the Low-Hanging fruit of Small Business media relations. If you are just starting to think about pitching to magazines, blogs, news outlets, and newspapers, this is the easiest way to do it! This season, more than every, journalists, reporters, and bloggers NEED content and they need a lot of it, in a short time. Make it a priority to reach out to them… today!

1) Choose your product wisely. Don’t just pitch them your whole shop. Don’t tell them to look around and find something. They don’t have time. Look around their website or blog and see what they normally share. Find a product that fits that style or genre. (Also consider the 2014 trends in retail and gift giving.)

2) Just Ask. Start by searching their site for gift guide information. If you can’t find it, just drop them a polite note and ask if they are doing a gift guide and what the submission requirements are. Keep in mind that some bloggers charge for inclusion. You should decide now whether you want to spend that money or pursue only free options. {There isn’t a strict Right or Wrong answer… but if you want some guidance, drop me an email and I can give you some ideas…)

3) Get HARO emails. I often recommend Help a Reporter Out. After you sign up, HARO send three-times a day emails, full of requests from editors and journalists who are soliciting content or ideas for their stories. And these days they are full Gift Guide requests.

4) Have Links, Pictures, and Product Descriptions ready. When you pitch your product, you want a succinct blurb about what makes it awesome, plus a link. When you are featured, the blogger or journalist may ask for Hi-Resolution photos and a description. Be ready!

5) Set some samples aside. Some bloggers or reporters want to see a sample – and want to shoot their own photos. If the reach is broad enough, its worth the cost of sharing a sample. Have them ready, because the holidays are coming quickly and gift guides are wrapping up.

If you’re too busy to devote time to emails and pitches, let’s get in touch. I’d love to help you get the word out!

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