Riding the Waves

When fads hit fast, it’s easy to overlook them. It’s easy to see the wave come in and know its going out again so why waste the time? Why worry about it?

But fads and crazes and quick trends are great opportunities for small businesses who can act quickly and ride the wave – securing some business along the way. You don’t have to wait for corporate to give you the Green Light. Jump in, get creative and see where it takes you. If it fizzles, no big deal. You can try something else.

1) Learn about it
Don’t let rumors or suspicions about a new technology, app, game or trend drive your decisions. Google it and read what industry experts are saying. Find the Pros and the Cons so you can make an informed decision. Find out how it works, why its popular and what kind of impact its having on day to day life, schedules, buying habits, and more.
2) Talk about it
Be open and inquisitive in your discussions about the fad or craze. Ask users about it. Post about it on your social media – ask who’s using it, what they think of it, why they love it, what they wish were different, etc. Ask your customers in your shop about it. If you notice people in your retail or local space are using it, start a conversation. Be curious and let yourself learn about it.
3) Be about it
Unless you have found, in your research, a reason not sign up – such as security vulnerabilities – dive in and check it out. Explore a bit and see what works. You don’t have to make it public or link with your social media accounts, your websites, etc. Find out what works for you – and which features you don’t love or would prefer to ignore.
4) Shout about it
Well, okay, you don’t have to shout. But start getting the word out and letting people know you use it. Share your profile or avatar. Post pictures of yourself. Link up with others in your area or your industry. Learn from them – share your best practices.
5) Give and Get out about it
Here’s where the real fun starts. How can you use it to authentically promote your brand? How can you get people into your local space – to play the game together or test out the new technology together? What can your shop offer – for free or for sale – that enhances user experiences? Enjoy the excitement WITH your customers. Give and get out of your comfort zone. This is how real local relationships begin.

What new technology, new app, new game are you trying these days?