Fresh fruit is a delectable treat of summer, but if you don’t choose the right ones, they can leave a sour taste. Picking through fresh fruit can teach us a lot about choosing the right words!

1) Lift it.
“Heavy for its size” – the standard rule for choosing produce. It’s evidence of rich flesh and lots of juice. Select words with the same mantra – full and heavy with meaning.

2) Smell it.
Fruit should smell sweet and fresh. If it smells stale or musty, just put it back. If a word gives you a wrinkled look of boredom and overuse, keep looking for that pleasant, perfect word.

3) Taste it.
Sometimes you have to just go for it and taste it. This doesn’t work in the grocery store, but writing is more forgiving. Throw the word in the salad and give it a taste. If it doesn’t leave you with a fresh, bright feeling, remove the word and replace it! Fortunately, even the rottenest words leave no juice!