This week’s posts are going to be all about unity of message. They are inspired by my great new client. When they contacted me to do some marketing work with them, I checked out their website and found it cute and interesting… But when we got on the phone, I heard a message that was compelling and dynamic. The website words didnt necessarily match the words I was hearing… And the ones I was hearing were powerful!

Ongoing Edits

Websites, promotional materials and social media platforms are a series of processes as our businesses grow. When we first set up our Facebook page or website About page, we plug in the wording we are using at the time. If it’s early in the business, maybe the words mirror the business plan. If it’s later in the game, maybe it’s your latest promotion. But as you grow and your customer base becomes more pronounced, your purpose may shift slightly. Don’t be afraid to tweak your pages and materials. Don’t let them get stale.

Make sure your written message matches the enthusiasm of your verbal message. That way, when a customer leaves a trade show or shop, they keep the excitement going right through until they close the sale!

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