Last week, I shares a twitter conversation that exemplified what you, as a business, should NOT do in social media. Ever. In the interest of privacy, and not being THAT blogger, all parties will remain anonymous.

Here’s how the conversation went..l

Tweeter: Ugh, I’m feeling so sick. Stuck here with the kiddos, but I would love a AnonBusiness snack right now. The closest one is too far away. Sigh.
Me: Oh AnonBusiness should so connect with you and bring you one!
Tweeter: That would be so tasty.
AnonBusiness: here are our locations. Web link.
The original tweeter and I went on to chat about her poor cold, her volunteering in the next few days, and such. We never heard from the business again.

Now I realize that it would have taken some leaps to make it happen. I realize that the person manning the twitter account probably doesn’t have a direct link to her local owner… But wait, he obviously had the link. It was the only thing he shared. Imagine AnonBusiness cultivated a culture of contagious marketing. Imagine he picked up the phone and asked if the manager at her local location would bring her one – to a popular intersection or other safe meet up spot. Imagine that she got a Dm that said “We have your favorite Snack ready for you!”

What are the chances she would tell everyone she knew? What are the chances she would talk them up at her charity event? How much more business would they see? Would it be worth that one giveaway?

The answer is yes.

But instead, all they did was share a link. Without even reading that she knew where her locations are.


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