Everyone hates spam {unless it’s sauteed in sugar and soy sauce… oh, just me? ok.} If you are trying to get the media involved in your next event or aware of your newest product, don’t spam them. {Even if they love musubis!}

Here’s how to avoid the spam:

1) Email individually. Pretty simple answer. Just don’t spam. Send unique emails to each reporter or editor. They will appreciate not being a cc, or worse bcc, line.

2) Get familiar. What kind of stories does he normally cover? Only send to writers and reporters who cover issues similar to that in your press release. Don’t blast it hoping to get lucky. Make quality contacts.

3) Make a connection. Mention specifically why you are contacting the reporter or editor. Let them know about a similar story or feature they covered. Explain why you think your story is a good fit.

If you are respectful and deliberate in your contacts, you can ensure your press release won’t be just another stinky piece of spam in a news outlet’s inbox.

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