Curate, Not CreateI’ve worked with a few clients lately who curate, they don’t create. Sometimes when we first start working together, they almost apologize for that. There’s this idea that if your products aren’t handmade or designed by you, pitching your story is going to be difficult. That’s not true… it’s a different story, but not a difficult one.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you Curate, instead of Create.

1) You’re the expert on the trends. 
That’s what you do in your shop everyday. You’re always uncovering the latest and greatest. You know what people are clamoring for. You know what people are tired of. Editors and writers will want to hear from you – they are always putting together articles and slideshows of the upcoming trends. You can inform them.

2) You always have a gift idea.
You fill your shop with seasonal products, which means you always have options for gift guides. All year long, bloggers and writers are creating gift guides and you will have something in mind for each of them.

3) You do have a story.
Why are you working with this product in particular? Why did you open your shop? Why now? You have a story. What brought you here? Tell that story.

4) You often have something new.
Curated shops mean constant turnover. Build relationships with local media, such as lifestyle morning shows, and be back often with fresh ideas and new products.

5) You do design. 
Maybe you don’t design your products – but your shop has a distinct design, a specific perspective. What you bring into the shop creates a unique shopping experience.

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