Media AttentionThe next few months provide some great opportunities for press for small businesses! Back-to-School, cooler weather, holiday after holiday all open doors for stories. In fact, media outlets are looking for great stories to tell!

So how do you get them to notice?

1) Get your message together!
Which product are you trying to sell? Which service is most necessary right now? What new item has just launched? Or are you just trying to introduce your business? Is there an event you need to broadcast? Press releases are short and sweet. You can’t share everything so decide now what your focus will be.

2) Find a hook.
Why are you sharing this information now? Is there a tie-in with a holiday? Is there a seasonal theme? Is this the perfect product for school? Is it a great gift? Are your services necessary now? Find a catchy clever hook. Think of a headline you’d like to read.

3) Offer expertise.
Think of this like a guest post, but in just a few sentences. Instead of just pitching your product or service, offer some tips. Do you sell the warmest sweaters? How should we choose sweaters? Do your services keep fireplaces safer? How else can we keep our homes safe with fireplaces?

4) Make a connection.
Look for a section or feature that fits with your business. Many news outlets have parenting, family, health, sports, and other segments. Look for the writers, reporters and editors who do those and send to them individually.

Don’t have time to write the press release? Let me write it for you! Contact me today for a quote!