Applications1Be Responsive… and upfront
The first and best thing you can do is actually answer the questions on the application. If it seems like you’re just cut and pasting an answer into each section, without reading what’s being asked, you’re likely to be overlooked. Also, the organizers asked those questions for a reason; not providing specific answers will make you seem distant and uninterested.

Be Honest… with the judges and yourself
Save yourself the time and hassle of talking around the answers or trying to make your brand sound like something it’s not. If the fair or show has a requirement you don’t fit, just skip it. Even if you manage to sweet talk your way in, it probably won’t be quite the right audience or venue.

Be Consistent… throughout your answers
When I’m working on About pages or branding with clients, I work to uncover a handful of keywords that really sum up that company. We don’t want it to sound redundant or kitschy, but there are often a number of words that make me and the client go “Ah! That’s exactly it!” Using those keywords or phrases throughout your answers keeps your brand distinct. Readers gain a clear understanding of what you create – and tend to remember it even after they move on past your application.

Be Concise… and to the point
Applications often have word limits. Make each word count. Be sure to tell your whole story – what brought you here, what you make, where you’re going – but leave out extraneous information. Now isn’t the time to get chatty.

Be Descriptive… and thorough
When you talk about your products, your processes, and your purpose, get specific. Avoid grand or esoteric terms. Draw a verbal illustration and help the judges envision what and how you make what you do. Describe textures, flavors, aromas, sounds, feels, and more.

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