Breaking news is great.
It pulls in interest. It’s what everyone is thinking and talking about. It’s a launch pad for new ideas and a sounding board for old ones.

I highly recommend sharing great articles with your audiences and using them to start and continue new conversations.

But there are also a very wrong ways to do it. Very wrong. Here’s how NOT to use news:

1) Treading on Tragedy
I shouldn’t have to say this. I shouldn’t. But I must. Because I have literally received emails evoking the names of people who just died. Just leave it be. If it’s tragic, it’s sacred. Just leave it alone.

2) Misleading Mentions
Don’t headline your newsletter or post with an implication that you are going to shed light on a particular topic and then when the reader clicks, jump ship for a highly promotional, content-low piece. Just don’t.

3) Overly Opinionated
Be Careful when you post sensitive, political, religious, or personal pieces that you temper your own view point. It’s easy to rant behind a screen, but time often temper our views and newsletters and social media don’t allow for that time. Give yourself a step back when you post. And be careful.