Prep for InterviewSo you sent the press release, you got the response. They want to run your story. Congratulations!! That’s great news!

They also want an interview. *gulp*

What about all the media horror stories? What are they going to ask? What are you going to say?

Take a deep breath. This is your chance to shine! 🙂

1) Type Up Some Notes. Have your key facts and message branding out in front of you during the interview (which will likely be over the phone.) Highlight key words. Glance at them while you chat. This will ensure you use the phrasing that makes the most sense to you (and avoid that sinking feeling when you read the article later and question whose business exactly they are talking about.)

2) Talk It Out. Call on your coworkers, customers, colleagues, cheerleaders. Tell them about the opportunity and how nervous you feel – verbally – in person or over the phone. Do a mock interview. Flesh out the questions that have you stumped. Wrestling through the process will work out some of the butterflies.

3) Be Human. It’s okay to say “Um.” It’s okay to need to think about a question before you answer. It’s okay to start down one sentence and need to back up. Give yourself a break. Don’t try to be an expert interviewee – be an expert at your business. Give them the information. Answer honestly.

Remember, they are eager to profile your business. It’s your time to let it shine!