Confession – I LOVE cars, and I HATE most car commercials. They usually have nothing to do with cars. Like at all. They usually tell you to be a better person, or reach for something… and then show you a car… leaving you to guess how the two are possibly linked.

But this one…

This one, I love. And not just because Subaru is one of my favorite manufacturers. (We’ll have to chat about that sometime.) I love it because it has a simple message that fully relates to their brand and is an actual Value Proposition. Specifically – it’s about how LONG their cars last.
And they tell you that in an adorable fashion.

Get it… “Our cars last longer than most others” leaving you to think “Now that’s a good value!”

It’s not pretentious – It’s not even all that clever. Simple message… that actually relates to cars. Kudos, Subaru!