Most marketing communication is light, easy, exciting. It’s positive and uplifting.

But sometimes… it’s downright terrifying.

When you have to announce a price increase, a product retirement, a move, a change, it can feel weird. It can make you squirm. How do you maintain brightness, optimism, excitement?

How do avoid alienating… or downright angering… your customers?

And all the while, how do you continue to grow the brand?

Stay tuned this week… we will talk about the wheres, hows and whys of good communication – even in those sticky times.

But for now… I leave you with one rule. The most important rule. No matter how you feel, no matter how itchy and squirmy you get…

You HAVE to do it.

Avoidance will make it worse. It will only breed rumors and questions.

Don’t be afraid. Stay in touch this week. Drop me a question if one arises and we will get you through those scary situations.

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