So you sent your press release and now… crickets. You haven’t heard back from a single media outlet. Now what?

1) Reconsider your contacts. Take another look at those to whom you sent the press release. What has that person written or reported about that connects with your story? Are you sure they are a good fit? If not, shrug it off and don’t email again {about this story.} If you do have a good reason for the connection, move to step two.

2) Wait until one to two weeks before your event, or until the release should run. News curators get a lot of messages. Give them time to process your release. Don’t stress out right away.  Give it some time, and wait until it’s almost too late.

2) Send a reminder. Send a short, simple follow-up, reminding the reporters/editors of your press release. Just a quick message, making sure they got the release and letting them know that you are available for an interview. Let them know that you would be glad to provide information if they find a need for a quick story this week!

Make it worth their while! Save them time and energy! Be available. Then let it be.


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