Olympic MarketingWith another round of summer Olympics upon us, the world will be captivated. There’s a wide variety of interest levels – those who tune in 24/7 and those who feign disinterest, but still know of the main competitors and competitions. According to the IOC, the London Olympics were available to be seen – via television or online broadcasting – to 4.8 billion people!

With the world tuning in, the Olympics inspire emotions, drive and perseverance. People of the world will be feeling things together. And talking about them. Now’s the chance for you to speak to those emotions and stories.

Please note, that I’m not advocating piggy-backing or cheesy advertising. I’m talking about natural fits and storytelling that aligns with what you offer. When it’s natural, you’ll know it in your gut. If it feels like a stretch, it probably is.

Here are just a few of the themes that come out of this global following:

Health and Fitness
Okay, this one is pretty obvious. Champions encourage the inner athlete in all of us. Whether we want to compete or just want to get in shape, many are encouraged to get out and do more. The Sports and Fitness Industry Association reported that across the board, sports participation increases the year after an Olympic games.

If you are in the health and fitness industry, or provide products or services within this field, this is your moment. Offer specials, tell stories, and create promotions that help people get involved in their favorite sports or try new ones.

Not all our ambitions are athletic, and the Olympic stories remind us that today’s the day to run after your goals. Do you sell organizational products that help people outline and follow their dreams? Do you offer services that give people more time or energy to go after what they want?

Small business is a world of personal ambitions and inspiring dreams. Use this opportunity to encourage people to chase after what they love.

Being Part of Something
The Olympics inspire pride in what we share as a human race – and in our subcultures. We follow our favorite countries’ teams. We tune in to our favorite sports. We cheer on our favorite athletes. When we feel we belong, we feel invested.
Is there an athlete from your hometown? Did you compete in a sport you’re watching? Do you sell patriotic products or items with team colors?
Help your customers feel part of something bigger than them. Build community.

Charitable Stories
Every Olympic season features so many of the same stories. Athletes who grew up with few resources and worked hard to succeed. Parents who gave up everything to give their children opportunities. Communities that step up and provide resources and equipment. Coaches that pour into athletes. It’s all about giving back and supporting each other. Now is the time to talk your charitable efforts and get your customers involved.