Media Attention for ValentinesComing right off the holiday rush, Valentine’s Day is an interesting opportunity to get your brand out there and get some sales secured. Here are a few tips for rising to the top when you pitch for Valentine’s Day.

Love this Funny Valentine from

Love this Funny Valentine from

1) Make it Unique.
This is true all the time, but especially for Valentine’s Day, because we’ve just come off the holiday banter when every last gift idea was highlighted to death. So make sure you’re sharing a particularly interesting idea.

2) Make it Relevant.
In the same vein as the unique angle, make sure your idea is ideal for Valentine’s Day. Think Love, Passion, Commitment, Friendship, and Adoration. Consider all different kinds of Valentines – lovers, parents and children, kids at school, as well as the Single crowd.

Valentines Pitch1

3) Make it Available.
There’s not a lot of time right now so make sure you have samples on hand and get them into the hands of interested editors as soon as you possibly can!


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