PR Concierge

You know you need to start making connections and getting the word out. But who has time? I do.

Let’s get you back to creating and selling. I’ll focus on those pesky PR tasks you know you’re supposed to do, but just can’t. —

No More Staring at the Computer

Each month, I will send you a quick form. It should take only 5 – 10 minutes. Then, throughout the month, I will provide the following:

– A custom press release, with targeted distribution

– Blog post or newsletter story, restyled from the release, for your promotion

– Daily review of expert request sources, i.e. HARO emails and gift guides

– Emails to reach out to 5-10 specifically chosen media outlets

– Follow up and contact with the media on your behalf

– 25% discount on additional marketing and PR items, such as product descriptions, landing pages, artist statements or about pages, and more.

126646-simple-black-square-icon-business-envelope4Some details…The package is billed at the end of the month. I will only be taking a handful of clients per month, to give them the best of my attention.

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