Questions to ask yourself PR– How much inventory do I have in stock?
– How much inventory do I want to be selling?
– How much time will I need to create that much inventory?

– Who has featured other businesses like mine?
– Who covers stories offering tips and insight into my industry?
– Whose readers would be made better knowing about my brand?

– Who reads/views their media outlet?
– What do those readers/viewers tend to buy?
– How many readers/viewers do they have?

– What seasons are approaching that my brand can speak to?
– How can readers/viewers use my brand for upcoming holidays?
– How can my brand help them prepare for the upcoming seasons?

– What would I like them to say about my brand?
– How can readers gain from my brand?
– How can I gain from those followers?

– What do I want readers/viewers to do after they see my feature?
– Is my website and inventory ready for that?
– Is it easy for them to follow me on social media or through a newsletter?

– What sets my brand apart from my competition?
– How does my brand give back or improve the world around it?
– What makes my story different than other business owners’?

– What expertise have I gained in the industry?
– What tips can I offer to readers to better their lives in my industry?
– What insight do I have into the latest or upcoming trends?

– What have I learned about small business ownership?
– What can other small businesses learn from me?
– What would you do differently next time?

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