No Holiday SalesNot feeling the holiday sales? Here’s 10 reasons you just might not need one!

1) You’re just starting out.
…and you need to get to know your audience in a regular environment.
2) You are still experimenting with pricing.
…and aren’t ready to throw a curve ball into it.
3) You don’t want to devalue or undercut your brand.
…and your margins won’t allow for wiggly sales.
4) You don’t have time.
…and need to focus on production and sales.
5) You just launched a new product.
…and need to see how it sells for a while.
6) You’re giving back.
…and you don’t want to undercut your beneficiaries.
7) It’s incongruent with your brand.
…and holiday marketing would just be confusing.
8) Your customer base isn’t buying right now.
…and there’s no reason to mess with a promotion.
9) You’re unsure.
…and just aren’t following it!
10) You don’t want to!
…So don’t! It’s your brand!