You have always been very responsive in terms of timeline and communication. I can focus on my design work and not worry when the time comes to populate the pages with content – as I know you’ll surely deliver a great work in a timely manner.
Owner of BluChic

Although I enjoy writing, by outsourcing this project to you, I was able to focus on other parts of my business that were more pressing at the time. I was also able to “hand-off” this project to someone who wasn’t as close to it, ensuring that what I was trying to say actually made sense and came across successfully to my audience!
~Amy Schofield
Owner of Schofield Strategies

I knew the general ideas I wanted to get across in my copy and a pitch letter, but the exact wording frustrated me. I don’t have a problem writing in an academic and objective sense, but I need help when it comes drawing people in emotionally and persuasively.

Tiffany was responsive, easily understood what I was trying to convey, and was patient through a few revisions. She also has a great understanding of what it takes to actually market, not just inform with proper grammar. She really made the whole process so easy on me.
~Timorah Beales
Owner of Timorah Beales Photography

Tiffany provided 25:40 with a very solid, well-written, creative product that will help my non-profit become even more successful.
~Amy Zacaroli
Owner of 25:40

Working with Tiffany made my job so much easier. I was able to give her a rough of idea of my words and she was able to find the truth and through line and crafted a story for my business.
~Kristi Pamperin
Owner of Paper Miniskirt

I do not have the time to write copy myself. Also I do not know how to write proper press releases. It was fast – the quality of the copy was excellent!
~Jyrki Ikonen
CEO of Galaxy Marketing Solutions

Tiffany is so easy to work with because she quickly grasps a concept and isn’t afraid to ask questions or present a couple of different writing samples to make sure she’s providing results that will work. Tiffany is very punctual and very reliable. I look forward to working with her for years to come!
~Angela Keyser

I’ve spent countless hours trying to write my bio myself, but outside perspective is all I needed. I would have wasted countless more hours if I hadn’t of hired you. I LOVED that we had actual conversations, not just email. That was the #1 reason I chose you over others. I think it makes such a difference, especially when you are writing personal stuff about someone.
~Amber Bryce
Owner of Blue Scarab Jewelry

Tiffany is a very talented copywriter. I very much appreciated her ability to take the disparate pieces of copy I provided her to pull together a cohesive and effective consulting page for my website. Her hands on approach and attention to detail ensured that I ended up with exactly what I wanted and I know that I now have a page that reflects my abilities and serves as an effective advertisement.
~Sue Hoppin