Are you struggling to set yourself apart, as a photographer?

You know you have a distinct perspective and a unique style, but how do you put that into words? How do you write about that? How do you describe that Point of View in your About page, on your Services page, in your Blog posts, on your Social Media posts?

How do you stand out when it seems like all the photographers use the same language? All your competitors say some form of “capture” this and “remember” that. All you can think of are the same terms over and over – “memories,” “moments,” “today,” “tomorrow.”

The Key to Your Photography Brand

Here’s the Key. It’s all about your Target Audience. Who are your favorite clients? Who are the clients who keep coming back? Who are the ones who get you and send friends and family to you? Those are your people and they are your brand.

The difficult thing about photography is that your competition is fierce – you are up against everyone’s iPhone, everyone’s camera, and everyone’s friend with a camera. But it isn’t hopeless. You just have to uncover who your people are and why they love your work.

Get as specific as you possibly can. Compare characteristics, demographics and statistics. What are their goals? What do they tell you?

Write to Them

Now, as you’re putting together online content, brochures, social media posts, and more… just thinking about writing to THAT person. Answer his or her questions, address his or her concerns, and discuss what is important to him or her.

Don’t worry about trying to sound creative or interesting or unique. Just talk to your people. Don’t over think it.

As you speak, or write, honestly and compassionately, your brand will come across naturally and automatically. And you will not only stand out from your fellow photographers – but you will also attract clients who are most likely to buy from and refer others to you.