I often talk with my clients about the bog in which they find themselves. When entrepreneurs and organization owners are busy in their work, it can be difficult for them to see above the goop of jargon. It’s hard to get fresh, bright words out there, when you are consumed by the job. So you regurgitate the same old words and move on…

Its time for a fresh look. Time to pull out of the muck and get a new view of your work. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to “resee” my work when the power went out for three days. I reviewed Why I Work and learned the following:

I write:
– Because it fills my mind with productivity and creativity, alongside loved ones also working feverishly.
– Because stories need to be told.
– Because words in every language have always fascinated me.
– Because language use makes sense to me.
– Because I get to work with new ideas and budding creators every single day.
– Because my mother, my great-grandmother, my husband and others I truly admire have encouraged me.
– Because I can, must and want to write.

Have you thought about the Why’s of your business? The fundamental Why’s. Apart from the money, the career, the time, the practicality… Have you taken a moment to consider why you create? If not, I encourage you to go sign up for my newsletter. Friday at noon, I will share with you some practical ways to pull away from your business for a moment and really delve into your deeply personal Why’s.

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