Finding it overwhelming to live in both the present and the future? Here’s a printable to help you make your long-range plans so you can get back to today.

One of the hardest things about promoting your business is thinking long-term. How do you balance the realities of what needs to get done today with the long-range goals of keeping you in business tomorrow? Whether you are handling your own media relations or are getting ready to outsource it, thinking through this three-step approach will hep you get a clearer vision for what you want to accomplish!

1) Last Minute – Editors and writers often need ideas to fill out their articles and stories. That’s the joy of the HARO emails and connecting with editors on social media. When they need an idea, and your product or service is just perfect for their story, it’s a match made in heaven. These are often rather last minute so think about holidays and buying habits that will occur within the next month or two.

2) Short Term – These are pitches to local magazines, newsrooms, newspapers, and niche publications, which publish a bit closer to distribution time. In other words, you can still pitch to them within 2-4 months of a holiday or event. Think of buying habits that will happen within the next 2-4 months and how your product or service might be ideal. Make sure you have samples ready to send, because while the window of time is larger, it’s closing quickly.

3) Long Term – This is where you find the big glossy magazines that everyone longs to be in. These are the national ones, on the grocery store stands and in mailboxes around the world. They are long-range planners so you want to think at least 4 months in advance, but usually 6 or more months out. What will people be wearing, eating, buying 6 months from now? What do all the fashion forecasters expect to see? Pitch products and services with those goals in mind.