Valentine Question
The mid-February holiday can be a little grammatically tricky. Wondering how to best spell that love-ly day? Not sure when punctuation should be used?

Let’s clear this up. It’s pretty simple.

When you’re using “Valentine” as an adjective (with a noun after it), the word should be capitalized and have an apostrophe+s (‘s). Example: VAlentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day Card, Valentine’s Day Sale, Valentine’s Theme, Valentine’s Feature
How do you remember that? It’s all named after the guy – St. Valentine. It’s his day. And his everything else, when you’re using his name to describe it.

When you’re using “valentine” as a noun, to refer to a little card or gift, exchanged among friends or more, the words should be lower case and no apostrophe.
Example: kids exchanging valentines, giving valentines, valentines for your love, valentines for your Valentine.
How do you remember that? It’s a unique word, referring to a type of gift. It’s based on the guy, but it’s not the guy himself.

Bonus: Your own Valentine? Your funny Valentine? That’s just like any other lovely dovey name. You can capitalize it, like you would Dear or Honey. But it only needs an apostrophe if you’re talking about something your love possesses.
Example: My Valentine’s hilarious laugh