Avoid in Media KitYes, you want your contact to know as much about your brand as possible. You want them to fall in love with all the struggles and idiosyncrasies your company has developed along the way. You want them to “get it.” However, every editor, or advertising exec, or brand manager, or any other reader is as busy as any of us. They just don’t have time to read it all. As you are developing your media kit, here are a few things to avoid in order to keep your media kit short and sweet!

Every Point of Your Brand Story

You’ve come a long way, and every step has been critical to getting you here, but for now, just hit the main points. Where did you start? Where did you go? And where are you now? Leaving out some of the details just gives them more reason to come check out your website and get the whole story.

All Your Products/Services

If you have a lot of different products or services, either group them into 2-4 categories or focus on your 2-3 top sellers or latest launches. Focusing on just a few allows the reader to get a clear idea of what you are about.

Only Text

Keep paragraphs short by breaking them up with images and branded graphics. Use your logo, product images, in-studio or action shots, headshots, and geometric items (i.e., lines, borders, etc.)