About Page Brand

When you own a brand, the line between you and your brand is quite a grey one. When the time comes to write, or rewrite, your bio, one of the hardest obstacles is trying to keep the two straight. What do you say about You versus your brand? How much do you talk about one over the other? Let’s talk about what your bio should say about your brand.

The What and The Why

The What is always the easy part. You know what you make and sell. But don’t neglect the Why. It’s what sets you apart. It’s what encourages a new customers to keep looking. The Why also gives them something to relate to, something to believe in. It makes them say “Yes” and further their relationship with your brand.

The Customers

You don’t have to list demographics to tell your readers who your customers are. Tell a story or give an example. Illustrate how your product is used or your service benefits your customers.

The Lifestyle

Your brand is more than what you sell. It’s what you want to accomplish in the world. It’s the life you want others to have. Easier, prettier, more comfortable, safer, quieter, or more fulfilling lives. Explain what your brand works to be and create in the world.