2016-05-04 18.06.03Small businesses are all-consuming. Whether you have a retail brand, a tech start up, a freelance arrangement, or consultancy – your business requires near constant attention, as you develop new ideas, execute production and sales, and plan for growth. And that’s why, this time of year especially, I encourage you to get a garden. Whether it’s a single pot in the backyard or an expansive plot, your garden could be good for you – and your business. Here’s why:

  1. You can Unplug.
    I hate wearing gloves and I avoid it whenever possible… which means when I’m gardening my hands are a muddy mess. And that means, I can’t check my phone for emails and status updates. And it’s GRAND. In the hour or two I give myself in the garden, my mind gets a break. And sometimes issues are resolved before I can even get to them, which is good for everyone.
  2. You can Rest.
    As much as I appreciate its existence, there’s something kind of soul crushing about the internet. At least, after hours and hours of it. When you run a business, you’re constantly online – checking in, sending out, listing, posting, connecting. In its own way, it’s wearying and because the internet is always there, so is the work. A garden is a place to escape and just be.
  3. The Work is Hard.
    We’ve all had those days when all we get done is a thousand emails or hours of coding and recoding a website. For me, my brain and body feel so out of balance those days. My mind is spent, but energy abounds. That’s when tilling soil and pulling weeds is a welcome answer. My tired brand can just be for a bit, while my body can literally break ground.
  4. The Results are Real.
    Whether you’re catching up with a partner over dinner or just checking in with yourself, nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you haven’t actually accomplished anything even after a full day of work. You know, those days when you’re waiting for things to come through or answers from others. Those are the days I take a lot of comfort in little sprouts and vegetable harvests.
  5. You can Get Creative.
    I find myself day dreaming and running through ideas while I’m working in the garden. It’s generally quiet, except for my dog’s occasional barks at passers by. The fresh air and vitamin D soaked sun are refreshing and always bring new ideas. By the time, I’m settled at my desk again, I’m eager to get back to writing.


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