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With CraftWars debuting last week, my social media streams have been alive with reality show chatter. I was watching one of my favorites last night, Food Network Star, and was reminded of a fundamental of good business practice – especially regarding marketing, branding, and sales.

One of the contestants argued that he didn’t need a POV, a point of view – because his food and personality was so great. They would stand on their own. The problem? Everyone had good food, everyone had a great personality… And at the end of the show, the producers need to create and SELL a show. A brand. A concept.

I see this all the time with small businesses. I’ve actually heard owners tell me that their press release dosent need a hook or angle… It should just announce a sale. That would be good enough.


Small business is tough – because it’s competitive.

You aren’t the only one on Etsy. You aren’t the only one knitting that. You aren’t the only one developing parties.

But you are the only one with your story. With your experiences. With your concept. With your point of view.

Don’t be afraid of it. Use it.

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