Media Kit SummaryWhether you maintain a media channel, such as a blog where readers hangout and engage, or you run a business selling products or services, a media kit or press kit gives those who want to connect and work with you a snapshot of your brand. It highlights all the basics

Why a Media Kit? Who Needs One?
If you’re a blogger, your media kit explains what sets your brand apart and talks about your stats. It also highlights your top features, reviews or other types of regular posts. Other media outlets, who are looking for your expertise or insight, will check your media kit to see where else you’ve been highlighted and what makes you the expert in that field or topic. In addition, and maybe more importantly, advertisers will check your media kit to see how many people engage with you – and how many might see their ad, their sponsorship, article, etc.

If you sell products or services, your media kit has a slightly different purpose. In this case, you are probably not selling ad space – but trying to get featured and coverage from media sources. The media kit is about showcasing who you are and what you sell. Reporters, editors, writers, and bloggers will check out your media kit to see if your story is a good fit for their audience.

Note: If you are wondering if a media kit is right for your brand, or if now is the right time, consider this… Are you trying to build buzz? Are you reaching out to people individually, pitching your brand? Are you trying to share your story in a concise, sharable platform? Then you need a media kit.

[col1]What Should It Include?
All Media Kits:
Your Logo
Your Story
Your Background
Your Links and Websites
Your Social Media Presence
Press or Media Features
Your Contact Information
Lots of Pictures

Blogger Media Kits:
Your Pageview Numbers
Your Social Media Numbers
Your Coined or Used Hashtags
Your Most Popular Posts
Unique Features or Reviews
Blogger or Writer Memberships
Others You’ve Partnered With
Ads or Sponsorships Your Offer[/col2]

[col3]Small Business Media Kits:
Product Pictures & Descriptions
Descriptions of your services
Your Process
Your Charitable Donations
Partnerships or Memberships
Qualifications or Certifications[/col3]

You may also include a press release or two. Make it particularly news-worthy. If you don’t have one, skip it. If you do, you can either include it in the PDF or share it separately.

What Should It Look Like?
Simple, clean, and very visual. Keep it between 5-10 pages. Keep sections short, paragraphs should be no more than 5-6 sentences. Use 1-4 pictures per page, and mix it up.

For stats and numbers, use bullet points and lists to draw attention. Incorporate your brand color scheme, and include logos and pictures on every page. For products, use photos that zoom in on your items. For services, use action shots. For blogs, use screenshots, as well as authentic images of your family or your topic. When staged, keep each image simple and clutter-free.

Avoid items that need captions – instead choose pictures that the reader can immediately associate with your brand. Use a headshot on the About page.

What Should You Do With It?
Use your media kit when you reach out to others – editors, reporters, advertisers, bloggers, wholesalers, and more. Attach a reduced-sized PDF to your email when you write to introduce your brand.
Add it to your Press or About page, so those who are interested in connecting with you can download it.

Now What?
If a media kit is on your to-do list, now is the time to cross it off!
Why? Shopping season is coming. Whether you are selling ad space on your blog, or you are trying to get media buzz of features, your media kit is going to make those connections.
I offer three Media Kit options depending on your needs.

We can Clean Up your existing Media Kit, and get it ready for new connections!
We can Build It, putting together a Media Kit from all the pieces you already have.
Or We can Start from Scratch. I’ll write the pieces you don’t have and get you ready to reach out!

Contact Me Today to learn more and get on the list! I’d love to help you build this important PR and Marketing piece for your brand!

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