Writing and Copy Editing

Clean and Consistent

I partner with marketing and design providers, communications companies, small and large business owners, and non-profit organizations to tell their story online, digitally and in print. 

With a keen sense of language and clear communication, I help my clients maintain a professional image - and get their message out.

Providing both grammatical and style correction, as well as polishing for consistent voice and reader focus, I provide confidence as clients move forward with both internal documents as well as customer or client focused communications.  

If you're tired of staring at a document that you know just isn't working for some reason, let's talk! 

Writing and Copy Editing Experience includes:

human interest & feature stories, interviews

media kits and press releases

website content, blog posts, online articles

product descriptions, blurbs, feature listings

internal communications, handbooks, reports

emails, newsletters, campaigns

For specific examples or a look at my portfolio, please drop me a line. 

About Me

I love words… a lot. I collect dictionaries and have a penchant for Oxford commas and I will vehemently defend the passive voice. I formalized my love for words at UC Berkeley studying theoretical linguistics and digging into why and how we communicate – and how Deaf kids naturally develop vocabulary and grammar.
My first job out of college was the lead reporter at a small town newspaper. Soon enough, I fell in love with the power of the human interest story. “If it bleeds it leads” may be true, but those heart-warming stories build community pride and a sense of place.
I love translating the power of story telling to small businesses. I bring an innate sense of language, grammar, and syntax. Whether you are launching your website or sending out yet another document, I’m that second pair of eyes you need. Because not everyone likes staring at blank pages and a mess full of words… but I do. 


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