5 Podcasts (1)ShePercolates:
– Love this podcast, not just because I’ve been following Jen for YEARS and it’s fun to see her grow, but also because it focuses on the varying definitions of success and not comparing each other.

While She Naps:
– This is a great podcast for soaking up others’ success. Hear from creative entrepreneurs who are taking things to the next level and get lots of ideas – whether you make stuffed plushes or not.

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show:
– Even if you don’t make and sell with yarn, you should still check out this podcast. It’s full of very specific tips for creative entrepreneurs. And Marie just has such a pleasant radio voice. Perfect for background noise while working.

Save the Date Wedding Podcast:
– This podcast is hilarious. Aleisha is an Australian comedian – and wedding planning expert. Anyone in the creative business knows that the wedding industry is like the Holy Grail! Soak up the trends – and giggle along the way.

Planted with Light:
– This is a new podcast from wedding photographer, Kate. This podcast is focused on New Zealand and Australian businesses – which brings a fresh approach for all of us. Great interviews that are full of specifics and tips.