5 Reasons for SurveyTrying to decide how to market yourself this coming fall and winter? Want to stand out? A survey, sent to your customers and brand ambassadors, can make that process positively obvious and easy. Here’s why…

1) Your customers know your customers, because they are them. (Tweet it!) They are keenly aware of the pain points and payment plateaus of your base. They can tell you what drives customers to your brand, and what drives them away.

2) Your customers will appreciate the gesture. It’s always nice to be asked one’s opinion, especially when no strings are attached. Treat your customers as professional equals by inquiring their thoughts, good or bad.

3) Your customers have creative ideas for your brand. Let them speak. Maybe you will take the idea, maybe not. But who knows? You just might find your next great idea. Just make sure to give credit where due.

4) Your customers speak their own language, better than you do. (Tweet it!) Frankly, we all have a tendency to fall back into our jargon ways. Hearing directly from your customers can help you frame marketing in their own words.

5) Your customers can shed light on things you probably already know. For some reason, our own goals for our businesses pull us away from what the marketing is telling us. Let your customers take you back to your basics.

Bonus: Consider carefully whether you will offer a coupon code in exchange for a survey response. If you are sending it out generally, to hundreds of customers, it might be useful. But if you are requesting personally, a coupon will come off cheap… and rather desperate.