I’m loving Etsy’s Shop Updates. There are so many opportunities to get creative and connect with those you have favorited your shop or shopped with you – as well as your social media followers. Need a little inspiration? Here are some ideas to get started!

In the Shop
1) Get real and snap a photo of your shop right now – no edits
2) Show your product right before you finish it
3) Highlight a close up on one of the ingredients
4) Show the details of one of the steps in the process
5) Show all the ingredients or pieces, laid out before your product is made
6) Show where you purchase the items you use to design or create your product
7) Show off your organizational scheme
8) Show a stack of finished products
9) Take a photo of the mess after you create a process
10) Show off how you clean up the mess
11) Show one section of your assembly line
12) Show the leftovers after your make your piece
13) Show how you reuse and recycles bits and pieces leftover
14) Show all the tools you use
15) Close up of one of the tools
16) Show how you use the tools, especially if you do so unconventionally
17) Show off the first, prototype version of your product
18) Show your shop decked out for the season
19) Show your kids or pets in the shop
20) Show your partners or co-creators in the shop
21) Display an item that broke or didn’t work in the process, for some reason
22) Showcase a stack of items that are on sale or being clearanced

In the Real World
23) Show your item being used
24) Show off a customer photo
25) Show yourself holding your product
26) Show your partner holding your product
27) Show your kids or family members using your product
28) Close up of your product in your home
29) Show a picture of your product highlighted in a magazine or on a blog
30) Show a new idea for using your product this season
31) Show your product sitting on or next to seasonal decor
32) Show your cup of coffee or glass of wine while you work
33) Show your product on your pet
34) Take a photo with fellow Etsians or creators at a networking event

Coupons and Promotions
35) Highlight a particular item that is on sale
36) Showcase a special “Buy one, Get One” sale you’re running
37) Highlight a special product that you’re including with new orders
38) Share a coupon code for all
39) Thank those who have favorited your shop by offering a special coupon code
40) Reward previous customers with a special coupon code
41) Post a coupon code to commemorate a holiday
42) Celebrate a certain number of sales with a coupon code

Sneak Peeks
43) Show off a new color or pattern coming
44) Show off a new size or style coming
45) Zoom in and give a tiny sneak peek
46) Offer a coupon code to the person who can guess what’s coming
47) Request feedback on a new style or color
48) Show a stack of new ingredients or products
49) Show a new product, half done
50) Announce a new product, just listed