Keyword Tags1) Go to the Etsy Treasury page and check what’s listed under the “Today’s Trending Tags” list. Don’t forget to “View More” to see more ideas.

2) Start typing some keywords into the Search bar at the top of the Etsy webpage and see which keywords autofill.

3) Search for similar items on Etsy and click on the ones in the top “Ad” section. Scroll to the bottom to see what keywords they used.

4) Click on the tags on the bottom of a similar, sold item to see what other items are using that keyword. If they are competitive items to yours, incorporate that keyword.

5) Look at your stats for the last week, month, year. What are the top keywords searched to find your shop?

6) When you’re really at a loss for words – or tags – you can use a free keyword search tool, such as, to discover more ideas.

Bonus: You have 13 tag opportunities. Make them a mixture of very specific and rather broad. A handful of your tags should be about the ingredients or aspects of the product, while a handful should be about where, when, or how to use the product – such as “Gifts for her” or “vintage decor.”