Better Customer Service1) If they are reading from a script.
I get it. I’m big on templates and boilerplates and consistent brand messaging, but when all he says is the same phrase four times to four different questions, I’m not being helped.
2) If they have no answer past, “we can’t.”
As a customer, no matter what the issue, I didn’t take the time to get through your call-in system to be left at the status quo. “We can’t” shouldn’t be the end of the story.
3) If they try to upsell a disappointed customer.
At that point, a customer needs more value, more promise, more assurance that your company is the best option. They don’t need to feel coerced into paying more.
4) If they try to hide things with fast speak.
If you have to be embarrassed by a company practice, then nullify today. Honest business practices trump even the most profitable ones that you have to hide with rapid fire wording.
5) If they have to say how great your company is.
Try to remember… From marketing to customer service, it’s never about you. It’s about the customer. Few things sound scarier to a customer on a budget than “See how great we are compared to our competition.” The other dropping shoe is on its way.
6) If there is no follow up.
Did he really do as he promised? Prove it to me with a follow up email or phone call. Be proactive in ensuring my positive experiences with the company. Don’t end with the hang up. Follow up.