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More Than The Gold

With another round of summer Olympics upon us, the world will be captivated. There’s a wide variety of interest levels – those who tune in 24/7 and those who feign disinterest, but still know of the main competitors and competitions. According to the IOC, the London Olympics were available to be seen – via television […]

What to Avoid in Your Media Kit

Yes, you want your contact to know as much about your brand as possible. You want them to fall in love with all the struggles and idiosyncrasies your company has developed along the way. You want them to “get it.” However, every editor, or advertising exec, or brand manager, or any other reader is as […]

Jr. Driver | Subaru | Ad Study

Confession – I LOVE cars, and I HATE most car commercials. They usually have nothing to do with cars. Like at all. They usually tell you to be a better person, or reach for something… and then show you a car… leaving you to guess how the two are possibly linked. But this one… This […]

Pitching for Valentine’s Day

Coming right off the holiday rush, Valentine’s Day is an interesting opportunity to get your brand out there and get some sales secured. Here are a few tips for rising to the top when you pitch for Valentine’s Day. 1) Make it Unique. This is true all the time, but especially for Valentine’s Day, because […]

Three-Levels of PR Pitching

One of the hardest things about promoting your business is thinking long-term. How do you balance the realities of what needs to get done today with the long-range goals of keeping you in business tomorrow? Whether you are handling your own media relations or are getting ready to outsource it, thinking through this three-step approach […]

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